Content Management Systems can be easy to use

Editing content on a website

What's special about ours?

It's effects are immediate, easy to implement and don't require any understanding of the processes that go on behind the scenes. Some systems are abstracted to the the point of being almost unusable. This one is straightforward. Really straightforward. You don't have to manage the management system. All potential clients are given access to a sample page in order to try out the system before making a committment.

Log on, change, log-out

By use of a simple placeholder icon system, each editable area is easy to spot once you log on. Only you see the editable field markers, and once you have logged out, they disappear, revealing the page that the public is seeing. The public doesn't ever see the markers.

Editing an image gallery.

What is a content management system (CMS)?

It's a system whereby those not involved in the design and construction of a resource, can add content to edit, or edit existing content. This resource is often a website, but could be an internal information system for a company for example, an image library etc etc.

It can be simple or complex. A system for use with the website of a large multinational will necessarilly have a degree of complexity, not least to manage the many users and the things they can or can't do. Our system is more or less at the other extreme, and whilst it can handle multiple users, is designed for websites of small to medium businesses, and for non-technical users.

This website uses the content management system I advocate for my clients – I find it quick and easy.

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