Eve’s Garden — business identity, website and stationery

The Eve’s Garden website

Development of the website and A5 four page printed leaflet.

The website — good use of commercial library photography was made here, together with several nature images in my own photographic library. The required sectioning of information into relevant pages was very straightforward with excellent feedback from the client as to the priority of text and image importance, aiding the flow of each page.

The overall colour scheme was designed to complement those colours already used in the logo — a blend of neutral and warm colours and a contrasting blue.

Taking the content from the website, this was repurposed and redesigned as a four page A5 leaflet to back up promotion of the website and the business in general.

The cover of the A5 four page leaflet.

The Eve's Garden logo...

The logo design for Eve’s Garden.

It was decided very early in the development cycle to use a classic serif typeface in order to soften the business identity, and Bodoni was the choice made here. The logo went through a series of alternatives for colour as well as the strength of emphasis on the flower. The final choice represents the vibrant range of treatments and therapies offered, not unlike a small explosion of colour.

The progression of the logo development in five stages.

The inside pages of the A5 leaflet

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