• timetolisten.co.ukTime to Listen required a website to promote their Counselling and Therapeutic Services
  • graham-graham-beck.co.ukPersonal website for musician and artist Graham Beck, with content management.
  • Newland Community PharmacyContent managed website for a busy pharmacy with an important place in the local community.
  • Carnegie Heritage CentreContent managed website for a thriving organisation devoted to promoting and preserving the history of Hull.
  • Time to Listen – print designA full set of stationery and promotional material design was required.
timetolisten.co.uk1 graham-graham-beck.co.uk2 Newland Community Pharmacy3 Carnegie Heritage Centre4 Time to Listen – print design5

Print design

Print design is a very different discipline to website design. With print design the designer has more overall control over how the finished piece will look, and whilst things have improved over the years, web design remains a moving target as far as obtaining consistent results across different browsers and operating systems is concerned.

With over 25 years experience with print, and 13 years experience with web, the potential and pitfalls of each are well understood.

An example of print design. An 8 page A4 leaflet designed for Time to Listen.

More print design. A third A4 6 page leaflet produced for Time to Listen.

Website design for small businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire

We specialise in website design for small business in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Keep it simple is a good adage when it comes to websites. It is possible to build complex sites that incorporate all the latest cutting edge techniques and paraphernalia, but unless you have a very large budget, money is far better spent on getting the basics right.

This doesn't mean you can't have any bells and whistles, it just means thinking about what purpose they serve, whether they  enhance the site enough to be worthwhile, and whether you are just paying a website designer to show their prowess, to little actual effect. 

I have allowed myself a little indulgence with the animation featured on this page, to illustrate that this is not a puritanical and purist point of view, there must always be some flexibility.

As with most areas of design, it as much about what you leave out as what you put in. Each element should justify its place.

My purpose is to listen, and then guide a client through getting a website suitable for the intended purpose.

The listening comes first; I need to understand your business. Without that understanding, the site cannot be optimised to get the best possible results. The website is not the end result. Once online, I'll provide you with tools to monitor the effectiveness of your site, with details of where users are connecting from for example.

Featured website...

Time to Listen is a new start-up company born out of recent public sector cutbacks. Gail Thornton, the owner, has set up a counselling and therapeutic service using her vast experience gained with her former employer. The website was required to be straightforward, clean, and to be a responsive design, adapting to the width of the viewing device browser.

Use of colours used within the  logo has produced a bright and informal feel, whilst retaining an underlying serious and professional demeanour.


A web design example. The Time to Listen website.

More web design. The training page from the Time to Listen website

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