• timetolisten.co.ukTime to Listen required a website to promote their Counselling and Therapeutic Services
  • graham-graham-beck.co.ukPersonal website for musician and artist Graham Beck, with content management.
  • Newland Community PharmacyContent managed website for a busy pharmacy with an important place in the local community.
  • Carnegie Heritage CentreContent managed website for a thriving organisation devoted to promoting and preserving the history of Hull.
  • Time to Listen – print designA full set of stationery and promotional material design was required.
timetolisten.co.uk1 graham-graham-beck.co.uk2 Newland Community Pharmacy3 Carnegie Heritage Centre4 Time to Listen – print design5

Notice of retirement as from May 5th 2023

This business and website will close on May 5th 2023 due to retirement. I'd just like to express a huge thanks to all the clients who have so kindly supported me over the years, and have all been a pleasure to work with. Thank you.

Website design and hosting

Website design and construction is both easy and complex. It's easy to produce a website that superficially does the job, but that could actually be doing harm. Getting the visual aspects and the underlying technical issues working in harmony is the hard part, and can only be done properly when two conditions are satisfied:

  1. The website designer has a proper understanding of the aims of the client's business and the arena in which that business operates.
  2. The technical side is honed to support those aims where possible.

It is this marriage of the aesthetic and practical functioning, combined with the necessary requirements of satisfying the demands of search engines, reasonable loading times etc, that gives an appropriate result.

Cod and Communism feature

MICHAEL WOOD  The Beermat Bard – Writer, Poet, Raconteur

Specialist in web design, print and book design for small and medium businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire

Traditional and tangible graphics and print require a very different set of skills from those in website design, although there is some very important overlap. With a thorough grounding in graphic and print design before the advent of the internet, producing press-ready digital content is second nature, together with designing for differing print methods. With experience of handling print design and proofing that has included some end clients such as Procter & Gamble, The Body Shop and Premier Foods there is a wealth of experience to draw on.

Good design involves removing the superfluous, but deciding what is superfluous is not always immediately apparent. The most concise design usually works best, as getting the message across quickly with the least amount of fuss and distraction – and thus making the message as transparent and as easy to grasp as possible – is the ultimate aim.

Digital artwork and book design

With experience in the publishing industry, book design, production and organising print runs can be undertaken. Magazine design and pre-press operations were the initial type of work done, giving a superb grounding in the entire print process. Expanding into general graphic design and web media work followed as the graphics industry changed and developed.

Ian Halstead
Websites, graphics & artwork
Hull, East Yorkshire

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